About Our Company

We, Biselex Ethiopia PLC are one of the major import and distribution companies in the country. We have been in the business of importing and distributing machineries, equipment and supplies for the agricultural, industrial, electric power, waterworks and construction sectors, since 1993 G.C.

We specialize in pumps of all types, industrial engines, electric generators, power control and distribution systems, dosing and metering pumps etc. and related spare parts.

Since 2002 we have also expanded our business to include equipment, inputs and supplies for the chemical industry as well as the educational and scientific research sectors. These include the supply of chemicals, reagents, scientific and laboratory equipment and related items. All of our principals are known for products with proven track records for their high quality and long service life.

The secret to the success of Biselex Ethiopia PLC is our sustained efforts in marketing products of reliable quality at affordable prices. This has also helped us in gaining the trust of our customers- a feat indispensable to the success of any company. You can contact us by clicking here.


Our Motto

"Do not sell just for the sake of selling. Everybody buys to benefit"