Biselex Ethiopia PLC can supply pumping solutions for irrigation, agriculture and livestock applications that reduce energy costs, safeguard the water resource, and keep productivity at its best. Biselex Ethiopia offers the industry’s broadest line of pumping systems to meet all requirements. Our pumping systems are efficient, tested for reliability and designed to work seamlessly with modern irrigation systems as well as agricultural and non-agricultural applications.

Find out about the products and solutions we offer for agricultural irrigation, turf irrigation, fertigation and chemigation, water supply, water treatment, livestock handling etc.

Farmland Irrigation

Livestock handling

Turf Irrigation

Large scale irrigation of farmlands is an indispensable part of global agriculture towards increased production of food grains.  It, also, minimizes the effect of drought during periods of unpredictable climatic changes.

Our company supplies all kinds of surface and deep well irrigation pumps to suit your requirement.  We also supply specialized pumps that can be used for fertigation and chemigation applications for modern commercial farms.

A sizable part of the country’s population are pastoralists.  The country has the largest population of cattle in Africa.  Improved quality cattle related products calls for sufficiently watered rangelands.

We provide suitable pumps for small-and large-scale commercial livestock farms as well as isolated solar-powered watering points for pastoralists. 

Landscape and turf irrigation is an application that draws increasingly on water resources. Biselex Ethiopia supplies pumps that include variable speed control and easily integrated controllers for sprinkler systems optimized for the irrigation of lawns, shrubs, golf courses and other recreational or sporting activities.

Increasingly grass is being removed and replaced by artificial grass; Biselex Ethiopia supplies pumps for sprinkler systems used to wash down the dust on artificial grass.