Building Solutions

From family homes to commercial buildings and at all levels of the water supply and distribution network, Biselex Ethiopia provides complete solutions and also develops highly efficient and sustainable systems to the complete satisfaction of our customers.



Biselex Ethiopia is a leader for home comfort, supplying pumps that regulate pressure for use in and around the home that make life easier and better.

For commercial buildings, Biselex Ethiopia supplies a wide range of pumps that deliver water at optimum pressure at all floor levels to suit your specific application needs and ensure comfort and safety without compromising energy consumption.

How may we help you?

We offer comfortable and energy efficient homes through intelligent pumping solutions.

Heating & Circulation Systems

Heating is an essential part of a comfortable home. With Biselex Ethiopia as your partner you can provide your customers with the best heating solutions without spending their entire household budget. Our range of high efficiency heating circulation pumps offers total reliability, easy installation, and large energy savings through intelligent technologies