Engines/ Engine Pumps


Field Marshal Diesel Pumps for Small-scale Irrigation

Fieldmarshal diesel engine driven pumps are the preferred choice for small-scale irrigation systems in the country.  They are quite sturdy, easy to maintain or repair and reasonably priced.  These diesel pumps are much liked by small farmers and cooperatives in vegetable production, washed-coffee processing etc.  

Those with limited financial resources always go for Fieldmarshal engines and engine-pumps, they are worth their value!

Website :  www.fieldmarshalengine.com

Lombardini / Kohler : Wide Range of Diesel Engines for Various Applications

Lombardini engines have been very well known for several decades in the Ethiopian market.  They are highly recognized for their quality and reliability.  Lombardini have recently been acquired by the well known Kohler group of the USA.  They are frontline producers of environmentally friendly clean engines that comply with EU & US standards.  Lombardini engines are primarily used by OEM firms of construction equipment, generating sets etc.

Customers looking for high quality as well as long and reliable service, go for these engines!

Website: www.lombardinigroup.it , www.lombardinigroup.it/kohler

Rovatti : Small and Medium-scale Irrigation Pumps

Rovatti are one of the well known and respected Italian pump manufacturers.  Although they produce a wide range of pumps, they are much better known for their bare-shaft, electric centrifugal pumps in Ethiopia.

We have long been known for marketing small and medium-sized Rovatti irrigation pumps powered by Lombardini engines, and are also proud to say that we are the only OEM producers of these diesel pump sets in the country. They are reliable and efficient!

Website : www.rovatti.it