Introducing new products

In the recent past, we introduced the following products in the local market.

URAI IMPEX’s Package Wastewater Treatment Plants:

We market two versions of these plants, i.e., the Promax and the Promax Hybrid.  Both are based on the latest Moving Bed Bio Reactor (MBBR) technology.

These simple looking and yet state-of-the-art package plants are space saving, practically devoid of blockages, clean and hygienic to operate and reasonably priced.

Those who know about conventional wastewater treatment, also, know how messy they can be! With the PROMAX and PROMAX Hybrid, you almost forget you are dealing with stinky wastewater!

Just give us a sample of your wastewater and we’ll recommend to you the most appropriate system for your manufacturing plant, hotel etc.

Effluents from these plants are within the WHO standard, for chemically and biologically safe water and can be recycled or directly discharged into rivers and lakes without adversely affecting their water quality.

Use the PROMAX or PROMAX Hybrid and make a worthy contribution to a greener world.

Electronic Water Pressure System

Our principal DAB introduced ‘e-sybox’ to the world market towards the end of 2013.  We introduced it to the local market in 2015. The ‘e-sybox’ system is designed for water pressure boosting in domestic and residential applications. They are efficient, versatile, silent, compact and easy to install and use.

In places like Addis, where obtaining water service with regulated pressure is a problem; these ultra-modern booster sets provide an optimum solution.

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