DAB : Small Booster Pumps

DAB are part of the Grundfos group based in Italy.  They specialize in the production of small and medium-sized Centrifugal Pumps and Booster Systems for use in households, small hotels, lodges, guest-houses and small health clinics. In municipal water networks, where absence of sufficient pressure is common, these sturdy as well as high quality booster pumps are the perfect solution.

They are very low-noised compared to similar pumps in the market, which makes them suitable for households where peace and quiet are indispensable.  By paying a little more you can have all the tranquility you deserve for a healthy life.

Website: www.dabpumps.com

E-Tech: Submersible Pumps

               Submersible Motors

E-Tech, well known in Italy for their good quality Submersible Pumps have recently been acquired by the Franklin Electric - a group known worldwide for their high-quality Submersible Electric Motors.

When you look for submersible pumps that are good value for the money spent, go for E-Tech! You won’t regret it!

Website: www.etechpumps.com / www.franklin-electric.de

Flowserve: Industrial Pumps

Pumps for : Boilers, Aggressive Chemicals, Large Scale Irrigation and Water Works

FLOWSERVE are manufacturers known worldwide for Industrial Pumps.

Under  the FLOWSERVE umbrella, we find famous brands like, Worthington Simpson, Aldrich, IDP (Ingersoll Dresser Pumps), Scienco, Byron Jackson, Pacific, Durco, Pleuger, Jeumont-Schneider etc. - all producers of specialized industrial pumps of exceptional quality, for various applications.  Industries in Ethiopia are certain to have one type FLOWSERVE related product or another.  Some of them, especially in the sugar industry, have been giving service for more than three decades. When you think of industrial pumps, think of FLOWSERVE.

Website: www.flowserve.com


Grundfos: Submersible Pumps, High Pressure Booster Pumps

Special Submersible Pumps for high temperature and/or alkaline boreholes

Grundfos are pioneers in the production of high quality, Pressed-Stainless Steel Submersible Pumps and Booster systems.  Several pump manufacturers in the world, nowadays either produce imitations or copycats which could never compare with the real thing.  Should you want pumps of exceptional quality and long service-life, pay a bit more and go for Grundfos!

Website: www.grundfos.com