Services & Support


With our proper installation, we also guarantee that the product you purchase is trouble free and performs at maximum efficiency. While doing that we advise you, as well, on appropriate measures to be taken to protect the products from breakdown due to external factors.


We commission all pumping machineries and equipment installed by our personnel, guaranteeing their proper functioning.  We, also, train our Customers’ technicians, thereby, assuring the proper functioning of installed equipment.

Maintenance & Repair

Our teams of highly skilled repair & maintenance service technicians can resolve any pump or engine problem you may have. With unbeatable professional and application know-how, we ensure your system stays up and running, so you get a little extra performance out of every product we sell.  For your convenience we, also, offer service contracts, giving you a little extra freedom to focus on your business. 

Spare Parts & Service Kits

Spare parts, Service kits and components are original and of high-quality.  The use of original products will assure you that product you bought will function reliably throughout its entire lifecycle.


Our experienced engineers and technicians are always ready to consult you on the most appropriate product type, thereby, making your project a success.  Optimization is one of the surest ways to minimize operating expenses, increases efficiency and give the product you bought extra service life.


As a Biselex Ethiopia Service customer, you enjoy prompt and reliable service wherever you are. You get emergency access to service personnel as well – simply contact nearby braches company.