Whatever your water needs, we deliver optimized water solutions for water utility applications, as well as solutions for each stage of the entire water treatment cycle, in urban and rural water supply and distribution.

Water Utility

Biselex Ethiopia supplies a full line of pumps, other related equipment designed specifically for water utility applications (main & distribution pumping stations, water treatment plants etc).
We promote energy efficient and sustainable technology to ensure that future challenges and regulations are met.

Potable Water Treatment Solutions

Whatever your water needs, we deliver optional solutions for potable water treatment applications.

We provide dosing pumps and chemicals suitable for various stages of the treatment cycle.

Waste Water Treatment

Untreated industrial effluents are poisonous to the environment and need to be treated prior to discharge to render them harmless.

Our compact wastewater treatment plants are effective and affordable solutions that neutralize poisonous chemicals resulting in effluents that can be reused or discharged into lakes and rivers without affecting the natural chemical content of the water, thereby, protecting the environment.